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I offer bespoke calligraphy for place cards, invitation and menu designs, signage and more.  

Each place card is carefully brush lettered by hand. 

Please contact me to discuss how I can bring your creative vision to life.
Personalised tablecloths and seashells are just some of the endless ideas made possible.
See below for most requested style options and pricing

Place Cards

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 11.35.07 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 11.35.18 am.png

Invitation and Menu Design

  • Invitation and Menu Designs start at $199 for single sided digital design with hand lettering and a simple border.

  • Please note this price reflects the digital design only. 

  • Basic illustrations and other additions will incur additional design fees.

  • Invitation and Menu printing starts at $5 per print (minimum order of 20)

  • Please allow 3 weeks notice for Invitation and Menu design, printing and postage.


On The Day Signage

Roxy Bar Sign_edited.jpg

Bespoke Signage is printed on luxe board with optional stands. Starting Prices below:

  • A1 Welcome Signs: $180

  • A1 Seating Chart: $299

  • A5 Table Numbers: $25

  • A4 Bar Sign: $149 design + $30 printing

  • Please allow minimum 3 weeks notice for signage design, printing and postage.


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