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Aurora (latin; meaning Dawn)

81.5 x 107cm (32 x 42in)

I love a biggie canvas.

I didn't realise how much till I painted Aurora one morning. It suddenly dawned on me (pun intended) that I felt almost interrupted painting smaller pieces.

She was created on a Friday. Earlier that morning, I had challenged myself to attend a 5:30am boxing class at a local Muay Thai gym. What I didn't realise was, it was a fighter gym, and the 3 other people who showed up were fighters. And so commenced the most uncomfortable gym sesh of my life. I ended up sparring with each fighters a few rounds. Without a mouthguard (rookie error).

I think I teared up at one point thinking how much I had to learn and after being hit in the face a little harder than I'd like. Thankfully they were all so kind and encouraging. "We all start somewhere" was one's response when I apologised for my lack of experience.

As I left the class, I was surprised to find myself on an endorphin high. I rushed home and painted Aurora from start to finish in a few hours. I felt so alive and energised after coming out of that challenging class. I've since found myself going back every Friday, addicted to the joy that comes from pushing myself past my limits.

Enjoy the sped up process video below!


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