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D A W N Art Release

The 'D A W N' Art Collection consists of six pieces I created at daybreak.

These pieces are uncomplicated, capturing the feeling of being nestled in a comfy chair, watching the break of dawn.

Over the past 2 months I've been captivated by the beauty that is cast across the earth as the sun appears, bringing light to the darkness. There is a stillness that even the birds observe as the first rays burst through the sky.

I love the multi-meaning of Dawn: To begin to grow light

To begin to appear or develop

To begin to be perceived or understood

It's also an ode to a dear sister-friend of mine, Cassandra Dawn. She has this knack for seeing old, unwanted items like a men's pair of faded jeans, and turning them into the cutest denim shorts; a work of art. Like a butterfly's metamorphosis really. Coincidentally she also grew my love for butterflies (see left photo for her self-made wedding dress)

I'll be sharing the story behind each piece in the next few posts. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts :) I hope 'Dawn' brings you peace and comfort as you browse through the collection.


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