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**Imposter Alert!**

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To be completely honest, I've been putting off writing a monthly blog post for a while now (hence none in November, December, January, February...March argh) This resistance has stemmed from imposter syndrome, something I'm sure many of us have faced, but maybe aren't aware. Even writing this was a struggle; just a minute ago I caught myself saying out loud: "I just want to quit this business." What is Imposter Syndrome? You know those thoughts, those whispering voices? The ones that tell you that what you have to offer is irrelevant, that your work is childish and that there's not enough room for you at the table... that's imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome describes feelings of severe inadequacy and self-doubt that can leave people fearing that they will be exposed as a “fraud”, usually in their work lives. (

Believing the lies Imposter syndrome whispered to me actually prevented me from painting for almost 4 weeks straight. I'd see my paints and think "ugh, my work is so childish. So amateur. I'll never create something of substance."

After weeks of feeling a build up inside of me, I had to face myself and question what my motives were behind creating; WHO was I creating for and WHY? Whose voice was I allowing to dictate my flow?

Whether this happens in your personal or professional life, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you don't believe a word of it. What matters is that you begin get picky with the thoughts that play through your mind and choose the ones that will nuture your creativity, your ideas, your inner child, the masterpiece you were created and predestined to be. From someone who fights these thoughts regularly, I hope you know that there is victory on the other side of the struggle! My inbox is open to have a conversation with you, and anyone who battle the fraud lies. You are not alone! Below is a link to a free printable I created to encourage myself to push through the lies and create. I hope it gives you strength to perservere on the days the sun doesn't seem to shine through.

Ps. if all else fails. LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. Laughter is the quickest way to shift your mindset from zero to hero.


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