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We Don't Learn From Experience...

Welcome to the second half of 2020...

As bizarre as

this year has been, I hope and pray that the next 6 months will be filled with hope, new perspective and joy for us all.

I have been sitting down to reflect on the week each Sunday,

using questions penned by Brendon Bouchard, a renown motivational speaker. 

They've opened my eyes to so many blind spots; areas I hardly ever consider to actively grow in; more specifically relationships and purpose

I'm learning to be more intentional in learning about others and how I perceive situations.

I realised I often go through similar experiences because I don't reflect on

what I can learn and how I can respond differently

I invite you to reflect on your week or the past 6 months.

I've attached the reflection questinos below as a Free Printable, as well as a free wall print 


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