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This is not how the story ends...

'At any time, you have the power to stop and say "this is not how the story ends..." '

I read this quote on youtube video around 10 years ago. It stuck with me, but I never truly believed it till a few months ago. See, like many of us, I believed the lie that we would always carry the baggage of our past with us, no matter how much 'healing' we received... I chose to limit myself by believing I was the behaviour and choices myself and others had made... I allowed my emotions and feelings to define me; always left disappointed at my self sufficiency.

The truth is, there is mercy in this moment. The truth is, each of us are more powerful than we realise. Will we choose to be victims of our past, letting ourselves be mannequin puppets to the pain and trauma? Constantly allowing childhood memories to weave a situation's narrative even before it happens? Or will you be brave and take a deep breath, believing that at any moment, you have the choice to choose restoration or redemption. To rewire your thoughts to dream and hope, again. To heal, not only for yourself, but for your future generations. Hope is waiting for you in this very moment. Begin, Again...


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